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Posted by SAK
26 April 2013

A’ Design Awards

SAK Holding Group, one of Qatar's leading companies in the Real Estate Sector, achieved an new success in Italy; it’s project "Valley City" won an award for best design in urban planning and design category, at the A’ Design Awards & Competition Ceremony 2013, held on Monday, April 15 in Como, Italy. Valley City, the group's first project won an award in less than a month at the French “MIPIM” annual ceremony for best future urban project. The award was received by H. E. Sheikh Abdullah bin Thani Al Thani, SAK Holding Group Executive Committee Member. The ceremony was also attended by the Group's CEO, Engineer Hesham ElSahtari, and Chairman's Advisor, Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Najjar A’ Design Award & Competition Ceremony 2013, held in Italy, is a unique, creative and productive exhibition in Europe, it showcase designs and products competing in 80 category, and attracts designers, producers and companies representing many sectors from across the world, also present is a large number of investors, entrepreneurs and those interested in distinctive designs.

Qatar Reaps 4 awards in Architecture and Real Estate Category

“Valley City” received great attention and appreciation from the international judging panel which is comprised of 3 different bodies consisting of academics and specialists from various sectors. Hundreds of designs were assessed carefully according to a set of conditions. This award holds great credibility and is highly reputed worldwide. Other winning projects from Qatar are “Qatar Navigation Tower”, “Al Dana Tower” and “West Bay Golden Tower” projects.. The Judges said they are proud to present the Best Urban Design Award to Valley City selected from among many candidates, which corroborates the project's high-class engineering characteristics stemming from creativity and attractive local architecture; it also fulfills the residents basic and future needs and requirements, and adheres to top norms of Quality, Sustainability, Health and Safety adopted in execution distinguished future projects, which contribute positively and effectively in social development. “Valley City” project was designed by renowned Architect Engineer Marwan Zugheib from MZ Architects – Lebanon, whose works has received many global awards and accreditations such as Al Dar head Office in Abu Dhabi, “Al Ain Stadium” and Park Hotel in Jeddah and Riyadh, and last Valley City. This project expresses the future strategy of SAK Holding Group and that is to contribute in the country real estate development fulfilling the objectives of Qatar National Vision 2030, and in line with the county’s unremitting efforts for the preparations to host FIFA World Cup 2022. Sport is expected to play vital role in the urban, cultural and economical development of the country, attracting many promising projects and foreign investments.

The object of “Valley City” project is to create a perfect residential and working environment spread over 3m sq meters near one of the many future major stadiums to host World Cup 2022 events. It will comprise of thousands of residential units divided into different sized apartment, houses and villas, it will has a resort attached to a 4 stars hotel, and a 250,000 sq meter central park, a mall, a cultural village, and different markets and business hubs and commercial offices in addition to entertainment and service amenities and various other facilities, in addition to green spaces at various locations in the city. H.E Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Al Thani, the Chairman of SAK Holding Group dedicated the new accomplishment achieved by “Valley City” project in international circles to H. H. Sheik Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, the Emir of the State of Qatar, and to H.H. Sheik Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Heir Apparent and his wise leadership under which the country is moving towards a promising future and unprecedented development.

SAK Holding adopts Sheikh Thani's deep-rooted Real Estate experience

H.E Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Al Thani noted that SAK Holding Group will follow his deep-rooted 50 year long experience in the Real Estate Sector that played an evident role in the country's real estate view. It also contributed in fulfilling the sector's needs in various events such as supplying 30% of the residential units required for Qatar's guest partaking in the World Trade Conference in 2001, and 40% of the residential units required to house the guests partaking in the 2006 Asian Games. In 2010, Sheikh Thani signed an agreement with FIFA and Qatar 2022 World Cup Bid Committee to supply 50,000 housing units to house Qatar guests. Sheikh Thani is considered a strategic partner for World Cup 2022. It is also worth mentioning, that Sheikh Thani supplied the official residence for more than 6000 participants in the 12th Arab Games in December 2011.

Qatar State General Budget (2012 – 2013) Efficiency

He continued saying that all this will place great responsibilities on the private sector, which would require a special readiness that keep up with the developments taking place in various sectors, particularly the real estate sector, that we strive to lift it up to meet the current and future challenges, relying on our experience and utilizing the latest innovations and international standards adopted by the developed countries.

The Qatari Real State Sector Capable Of Innovation and Creativity

Sheikh Thani added “Qatar's Real Estate Sector proved its capacity in innovation and creativity allowing it to go hand in hand with Qatar National Strategic Development Vision. It has demonstrated its strength and steadiness in confronting challenges brought by local and global changes, and to boost its presence inside and outside Qatar, acquiring many world renowned awards, beginning with “MIPIM” global award for Future Urban Development in Cannes, France in March, and now in Italy, and with Allah's blessing we will continue our success journey and make all efforts to entrench the country’s position in real estate industry in the region and across the world. He also said that he implanted a sturdy and a well devised strategy since work began on the launching of SAK Holing Group that started to bear fruits quickly, bagging a growing number of international accreditations for its project Valley City, an exquisite architectural milestone; and a new Real Estate feat for Qatar

Boosting Qatar's Real Estate Rank and Uplifting Its Name High

H.E Sheikh Thani said he is determined to uplift SAK Holding Group to become a leading company in Qatar, the region and the world. He added he will continue the march towards more Urban and Development achievements to boost Qatar’s standing in the Real Estate Industry and hold its name high. He continued by saying that: “the Vision behind “Valley City” flows from sports projects increasing role in Urban, Economic and Cultural development in countries hosting similar significant regional and global sporting matches and events. We took into account the necessity to fulfill the requirements needed to host FIFA 2022, in line with the development in Qatar and the basic principles of Qatar Vision 2030. He added: "Sustainability is one of the main considerations underlying the Concept Design of “Valley City” project, guided by Qatar Green Building Council (QGBC) and its relevant concepts such as "Solar Energy Conservation", “Eco Friendly Buildings”, and Low- Carbon Transport Systems, High-Quality Building Materials from local sources, Waste Management, and Water Consumption Reduction.

Qatar's Future Needs Is At SAK Holding Group Top Priorities

Sheikh Thani Al Thani pointed that the group's top priority is Qatar’s future needs development which led to designing "Valley City” project based on the principles of sustainability and eco-friendly architecture. The design employed environmental and climatic components and the site's unique features; it also utilized natural elements like wind, water and sun in order to minimize the financial costs of construction and use it all to preserve and minimize consumption of energy, whether in the designs that have been developed, or in building materials to be used in the project, and green transport systems, water treatment plant, narrow roads that can provide shadow and alleviate the impact of harmful sunlight, in addition to use of windows largely to allow fresh air. As well as highly relying on solar panels and systems, materials and plants that consume less water, specifically for green spaces, which occupies a big part of the total area of the project.

Valley City Is Inspired From Qatar's Unique Characteristics

Engineer Marwan Zaghib said he was inspired by the unique characteristics of Qatar's environment. He did not resort to the same tendencies trending worldwide adopted in designing future cities completely reliant on modern technology. The Valley City design stems from Qatar's traditional Islamic architecture giving the city a unique identity. Green open spaces played a major role in designing the project, it fills and surrounds the city yards and squares, and areas designated to cultural, artistic, entertainment and sports activities, and also in the commercial districts and open markets and public transport stations, turning it to a special city offering an environment to live, work and play in perfect harmony, combining luxury, sophistication and comfort all in the same place, giving the residents a strong sense of living in a healthy eco-friendly oasis like environment. He also added that the "Valley City" project comprises of 3 major areas dedicated to sports, entertainment and culture. Each area include a chain of neighborhoods with specially designed houses, VIP Villas, Luxury Apartments and Offices featuring a Hotel, Resort, and Entertainment, Sports, Cultural Facilities, in addition, to restaurants and commercial shops. There are also buildings suitable for a wide range of divergent use choices. Landscaping and merging nature with construction is given proper attention to make “Valley City” a highly luxurious integrated breathing outlet and not only a residential place.