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Life Time Achievment Award

Sheikh Thani Bin Abdullah Al Thani

ITP Group presented to HE Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Al Thani the Lifetime Achievement Award, for contributions to Qatar's economy and for his exceptional and outstanding achievements, and for launching initiatives that had a significant impact on the transformation of the construction and real estate development sector in Qatar, especially partner with us initiative , which is an unprecedented real estate initiative that promotes investment in the real estate sector in Qatar, and supports development and growth during a ceremony held by Arabian Business Magazine affiliated with the group, in Westin Hotel – Doha, under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy & Trade, in addition to a number of prominent Qatari companies, who were also honored during the ceremony which was held on Tuesday, September 27, 2016.
SAK Holding Group the Chairman of the Board of Directors, HE Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah, accepted the life achievement award from Mr. Walid Akawi, the chief executive officer of the company who organized the ceremony, also present at the ceremony Engineer Hisham Sahtari, the CEO of SAK Holding Group, and a number of the group’s senior managers and general managers of its subsidiaries as well as businessmen and dignitaries, and managers of other companies and investors from various economic, trade and urban construction sectors.
HE Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Al Thani, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of SAK Holding Group, said to the press after the ceremony he is Delighted local and regional Balosaddae achieved positive initiative participated Which poses flagship real estate product typically regulates real estate constructive partnerships with the owners of land space in Doha suitable for the development of investment and real estate Thus contributing to the support and development of the market through the new options offered by Join us for the prospective partners
HE Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Al Thani said that the well calculated real estate partnership is a safe and secure option for the owners of land who wish to convert their properties into real investments that yields profits and high returns. He said that Partner with Us comes at the right time to contribute positively in strengthening and enhancing the growth of the real estate market, the market indicators in Qatar are in favor of those who opt the partnership solution, because it offer to the owners of land and real estate suitable and deliberate solutions based on its past experience and develop them over the years to ensure the interests and rights of the partners. "
HE Sheikh Thani says this award adds to SAK Holding Group gives a distinct regional and global dimension to, it is issued by a regional professional organization committed to the highest standards of transparency and accuracy in tracking and monitoring the course of the market. He said, “we must use this achievement be build more future ambitious strategic goals for SAK Holding Group, based on contribution in the process of real estate development in Qatar, in line with Qatar Vision 2030, that will bestow good tidings on our community and partners and shareholders , we must maintain their trust and confidence, and provide real estate solutions and products that fulfill their current and future needs based on the highest level of standards, that holds the value they are looking for.
SAK Holding Group CEO, Engineer Hisham Al-Sahtari, said the new award is new achievement added to the groundbreaking career of HE Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah, which is full of successes. He also said that this achievement would not have happened without the good governance of HE Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Al Thani, who is leading SAK Holding Group strategy in developing its business to live up to the aspirations of the shareholders. He said the life achievement award is to honor and appreciate the prominent role played by his excellency in the business community through his organizations and many projects and constructive initiatives launched by him over decades. Most recently he launched Partner with Us initiative to serve as a calculated fully integrated real estate product consisting of all the elements and components needed by any real estate investment project to succeed.
Engineer Hisham Al-Sahtari said that the insight and the leadership aptitudes in the field of real estate investment of HE Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Al Thani, drove him to launch Partner with Us initiative, which is the result of a long stage of studies and preparations that aimed to provide an integrated real estate product, of clearly defined elements for both sides of the partnership, in terms of the obligations assumed by the various parties involved in the partnership, and the economic feasibility of the partnership project, and everything that can be provided by the SAK Holding for the partner, beginning with providing advisory and technical services and managing relations with contractors, and obtaining financing, management of spending on the project wisely and professionally, to reduce wastage and increase productivity and profits, in an partnership agreement and is reached, building the project it is completed at cost, as per clear principles and mechanisms from start to end up to disassociation, it allows the partner to buy the group’s share, and maintain full ownership of the project.
Arabian Business Annual Awards Ceremony is one of the most prestigious economic events awaited by various business communities in GCC countries such as Qatar. Over two decades, Arabian Business Magazine affiliated with ITP Group honored a selected number of VIPs from the Middle East operating in various sectors. Arabian Business honored companies and individuals who made effective contributions and significant achievements over the past year operating in about 19 different sectors; inn addition to companies leading the business segments. The life achievement award, is the most prominent among the prizes offered at this ceremony it is a prestigious award given particularly the owners of distinct achievements in the business sector, and those who are influential players in various economic sectors.