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Leaf Awards

Leaf Awards

Leaf Awards

SAK Holding Group, one of Qatar's leading companies in the real estate sector, continues to reap prestigious world architectural and engineering awards. SAK’s first project won the MIPIM architectural future projects award for the best master plan, held in Cannes – France. The “A” Design Award for the best urban planning design which was held in Como, Italy.

The 2013 AZ Award held in Canada for the best engineering concept described by the judges as the ideal example of future cities. The International Architecture 2013 Award organized by the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design, in collaboration with the European Center for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies. Iconic 2013 Award for best concept design for architectural planning organized by German Design Council, and finally SAK brings home the LEAF 2013 Award from London, Sheikh Dr. Khalid bin Thani Al Thani receives the award during the awards ceremony held on Friday, Sept. 20 at the Four Seasons Hotel in the British capital

“Valley City” project, that stole the limelight in a number of momentous engineering and architectural competitions that attracts the attention of a worldwide audience of real estate investors, and businessmen, is voted to clinch more awards and appraisals from regional and international organizations and authorities, in view of its excellence and precedence recognized by judging panels consisting of academics and specialists of various professions, subjecting hundreds of competing designs to a strict assessment based on established terms and conditions, to guarantee integrity and creditability, marking the awards “Valley City” project reaped so far in less than a year.

Health, Safety, Quality & Sustainability

‘Valley City’ project was designed by renowned Architect Engineer Marwan Zugheib from MZ Architects, Lebanon. Engineer Marwan received many global awards and accreditations such as Al Dar head Office in Abu Dhabi, ‘Al Ain Stadium’ and Park Hotel in Jeddah and Riyadh, and last ‘Valley City’. The project was designed by architect Marwan Zugheib from MZ Architects - Lebanon, whose works have received many global awards and accreditations.

Contribution Strategy in growth

p>“Valley City” project reflects SAK Holding Group Future Strategy. Namely, to contribute in Qatar's Real Estate Sector Development, in line with Qatar National Vision 2030 and the country's unremitting efforts to prepare for hosting the FIFA World Cup2022. Sports are expected to play a key role during the coming years in the country's economic, urban and cultural development, attracting many promising projects and foreign investments.

“Valley City”, is a 3million square meters integrated environment for living and working, near one of the stadiums that will host the 2022 World Cup sports events. “Valley City” project consists of thousands of housing units comprised of different sized homes and apartments, and villas. In addition to a Resort; 4 Star Hotel; 250,000 square meters central park, mall, different sized markets, cultural village, business offices and shops,

 recreational facilities, services, amenities, green spaces.

SAK Holding Group chairman Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah al-Thani dedicated the new achievements to HH the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani and his wise leadership under which the country is moving towards a promising future and unprecedented development. He expressed his happiness with this important win the “Valley City” design cropped in this prestigious world engineering and architectural demonstration, held every year in London and attracts top creators from all over the world

Sixth Success in Less Than a Year

His Excellency Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Al Thani said: SAK Holding Group added another achievement to its record by winning a sixth international engineering award; the Leaf 2013 Award for best architectural Design. In one year, SAK’s won the MIPIM architectural future projects award for best master plan in Cannes – France, followed by the “A” Design Award for the best urban planning design which in Como, Italy, next SAK won 2013 AZ Award in Canada for best engineering concept described by the judges as the ideal example of future cities fulfilling needs of a large populations. International Architecture 2013 Awards organized by the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design, in collaboration with the European Center for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies. Iconic 2013 Award for best concept design for architectural planning organized by German Design Council, and finally, Leaf 2013 Award. His Excellency said: "All of this reflects the strategy and vision of SAK Holding Group, it clearly showcase the level of standards we set for ourselves, and confirm the extent of our commitment to raise the level of our real estate sector, which constitutes one of the most important and strong economic sectors."

Five decades legacy

His Excellency added: "SAK Holding Group" adopts the legacy of our real estate experience founded over five decades that had a significant role in the country’s real estate sector, and in fulfilling the requirement of many important events held in the country; most notably the 2001 World Trade Organization Conference, when we provided 30% of the required housing units, and also in 2006 during the Asian Games, we provided 40% of the total required housing units. In 2010, the company signed an agreement with FIFA and Qatar's 2022 World Cup Committee, to provide 50 thousand units of the total housing units required, right down to hosting over six thousand guests partaking in the XII Arab Games 

during December 2011.

Private Sector Role and Importance

Sheikh Thani underlined the private sector’s importance, it is called upon more than ever, to retain the firm and ready to cope with the needs of the country in view of the developments witnessed by various sectors, and to be up to the task now and in the future, and benefit from the experience and expertise, and adopt international standards to face challenges, and to continue innovation and creativity in line with the vision of Qatar's National Development Strategy, and to make every effort that will enhance Qatar's standing in the region and the world.

H.E. said: "Since work began to launch " SAK Holding Group ", we aimed to develop a deliberate and firm strategy which began to bear fruit quickly making evident accomplishments globally thanks to its flagship " Valley City " project that stole the spot light in major international awards ceremonies of the sector, which will give it a unique architectural identity and a remarkable step in the real state development of Qatar. He revealed about the nomination of the project to clinch more awards and rankings from international and regional entities and institutions.

Leadership Journey

Sheikh Thani added: "SAK Holding is very proud of its first project, "Valley City", ushering the group’s journey towards becoming one of the leading companies in Qatar, the region, and the world, enhancing urban development and achievements, stressing the importance and the growing role of sports locally, regionally and globally, and projects related to it, in Urban, Economic and Cultural development in countries hosting similar significant regional and global sporting matches and events, which was the basic idea behind "Valley City" project. We took into account the necessity to fulfill the requirements needed to host FIFA 2022, in line with the development in Qatar and the basic principles of Qatar Vision 2030. As well as Sustainability which is one of the main considerations underlying the Concept Design of the project, in tune with and guided by Qatar Green Building Council (QGBC) and its relevant concepts such as 'Solar Energy Conservation', 'Eco Friendly Buildings', and Low- Carbon Transport Systems, High-Quality Building Materials from local sources, Waste Management, and Water Consumption Reduction."

Sustainability and Green Building

SAK group top priority is Qatar’s future needs which led to designing "Valley City” project based on the principles of sustainability and eco-friendly architecture. The design employed environmental and climatic components and the site's unique features; it also utilized natural elements like wind, water and sun in order to minimize the financial costs of construction and use it all to preserve and minimize consumption of energy, whether in the designs that have been developed, or in building materials to be used in the project, and green transport systems, water treatment plant, narrow roads that can provide shadow and alleviate the impact of harmful sunlight, in addition to use of windows largely to allow fresh air. As well as highly relying on solar panels and systems, materials and plants that consume less water, specifically for green spaces, which occupies a big part of the total area of the project.

Global Trends In Modern Architecture

Engineer Marwan Zaghib said he was inspired by the unique characteristics of Qatar's environment. He did not resort to the same trending tendencies worldwide adopted in designing future cities completely reliant on modern technology. The Valley City design stems from Qatar's traditional Islamic architecture giving the city a unique identity. Green open spaces played a major role in designing the project, it fills and surrounds the city yards and squares, and areas designated to cultural, artistic, entertainment and sports activities, and also in the commercial districts and open markets and public transport stations, turning it to a special city offering an environment to live, work and play in perfect harmony, combining luxury, sophistication and comfort all in the same place, giving the residents a strong sense of living in a healthy eco-friendly oasis like environment.

3 Major areas for sports, recreation and culture

He also added that the "Valley City" project comprises of 3 major areas dedicated to sports, entertainment and culture. Each area include a chain of neighborhoods with specially designed houses, VIP Villas, Luxury Apartments and Offices featuring a Hotel, Resort, and Entertainment, Sports, Cultural Facilities, in addition, to restaurants and commercial shops. There are also buildings suitable for a wide range of divergent use choices. Landscaping and merging nature with construction is given proper attention to make “Valley City” a highly luxurious integrated breathing outlet and not only a residential place