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Real Estate Reports Aattracts The Attention Of Thousands Of Followers

The Number of SAK Holding Group Facebook followers & subscribers in February is up 32% compared to January. The total number of followers reached almost 1700, at an increase of 400 followers.
The monthly report issued by “Al-Sharq E-Management Company” stated that the news coverage of SAK Holding Group activities and events and various real estate products.
 posted on SAK social media pages received 268 thousand views and reached 286 thousand users.
91% of SAK followers on Facebook were males.  On twitter, 60% of the group’s audience were from the 25-34 age group, followed by the 35-44 age group at a ratio of 23%.
The real estate reports posted by the group on social media captured the attention of thousands of followers. The post about Qatar’s newspapers coverage of SAK Holding Group important real estate reports topped the list of publications and posts posted during February, it reached more than 16 thousand people, and the video clip about the real estate reports achieved 4000 views.
The group’s accounts on twitter were viewed more than 2000 times, the group’s tweets reached more than 100 thousand users, which is a record growth in the performance of the group’s twitter account, the number of followers of the group’s accounts on twitter were 78% males. 62% of the group’s twitter account followers are from the 25-34 age group.
The best tweet was the one which was recently posted about SAK hotel units, it reached more than 52,000 users, it was also engaged more than 700 times