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Sheikh Thani Bin Abdullah Al Thani Journey of Achievements


Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Al Thani, a prominent Qatari businessman had important roles in different types of businesses; he is one the most influential and strongly active characters in various sectors of the economy in Qatar and the GCC area, thanks to his many institutions, companies and projects, and major financial, commercial and real estate activities. He also has white hands in the field of human services, he made great contributions to institutions and associations serving community.

Sheikh Thani is one of the biggest contributors in the in real estate development projects in the country and the region, and in one of the largest real estate developers in Qatar; and that is Ezdan Real Estate Company, which was founded in the sixties of the last century and now it is a multidiscipline group In the area of banking, Sheikh Thani is a major shareholder in a number of banks that have a strong presence in the Islamic banking sector in Qatar, such as Qatar International Islamic Bank, Qatar Islamic Bank, Masraf Al Rayan, and Al-Tadawul Holding Group in areas related to investment and finance active in the field of finance and financial services.

In addition, Sheikh Thani chairs many joint stock companies, he is a major shareholder in Qatar Islamic Insurance Company founded in 1995, and one of the deep-rooted tontine insurance companies in the region, and he is also the founding member and the chairman of the Al Ahli Hospital started by a group of Qatari businessmen.

Sheikh Thani played a major role in the success and of one of the most important local Arab newspapers founded in 1987, “Al-Sharq”, chaired by Sheikh Thani himself, considered one of the most important platforms for free speech / opinion in Qatar and the Arab world, there is also a daily English newspaper, the Peninsula. What is so special about Sheikh Thani work in this field, is the unique collaboration with international newspapers such as the Herald Tribune. HE Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Al Thani gained a reputation for his leading role in business development and perception of the future, he is also a benefactor and a greater supporter of humanitarian work, he is the founder of Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Al Thani's Foundation for Humanitarian Services (RAF). Established in April 2009, acting on the principle “mercy is a virtue” the foundation wants to become one of the top five charity organizations in the world, he owns the largest endowments in Qatar, he donated 605 million shares, 22% of his share in Ezdan Real Estate for the poor and the needy.

He is also the Chairman of Qatar Society for Rehabilitation of Special Needs, founded in 1992, it is made of three branches, the social and cultural center for people with special needs, and the training center and mothers education centre, the society wants to build and allocate necessary places to house and accommodate people with special needs and provide them with the necessary care and education, and to provide them with the proper care and prepare them professionally , it also work on manufacturing and importing all the necessary apparatus and various aid necessary devices and different teaching aids , and artificial limbs for the needy.

One a humanitarian level, HE Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Al Thani founded Mental Health Friends Association, he is also the founder and ‎ Honorary President of Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah for Supporting Integrated Projects Foundation.

As a result "H H Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Al Thani added another attainment to his long list of exceptional undertakings by receiving the 2014 Dentons Award for social impact. This was awarded to H H in recognition for his accomplishments, contributions and well-known global projects in social, humanitarian and charitable services"